Entrepreneurial Faith: A Spiritual Battle

Entrepreneurial Faith: A Spiritual Battle

If you have been called according to God’s purpose; If you are Christian; If God gave you a vision and you are earnestly pursuing that vision, then you have entered into a spiritual battle.

As noted in my life, the devil knows the promise, potential and purpose of your life too. His job is to utterly destroy the promise, potential and purpose in your life before your testimony can manifest itself to be used to help others and uplift Jesus Christ.

God’s word states, “that the thief cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy.”

From this scripture, allow me to put these verbs into context for use in this chapter.

  • “Cometh.” It is inevitable that you will be tried by him. The question is not will Satan visit you… but when?
  • “Steal.” The devil desires to steal your vision, your potential, your passion, your purpose before it begins to grow. If the spirit of fear can rob you at this early stage, it has a greater chance of keeping the vision from coming into fruition and destroying your life.
  • “Kill.” In this context, the word translates more appropriately into “give up.” Through the spirit of fear, the devil’s plan is to steal your passion, purpose and potential and kill the fruit that you would bare by forcing you into a position of surrender—to give up.
  • “Destroy.” Satan ultimately desires to put an end to your passion, purpose and potential and render you useless.

Satan wants to cause and perpetuate the spirit of fear into every aspect of your life; personal, professional and spiritual.
In my life’s experience, the foremost door opener for the devil is the spirit of fear. This spirit can take on many forms, but its intentions are clear. No matter what kind of spirit of fear it may be, it intends to keep you from fulfilling the destiny that God has on your life – from living a joyful, spirit led existence where you give to others out of the overflow of love in your life.

I remember wrestling with the spirit of fear in the early stages of investing in the business.  The spirit attacked me using these tactics:

  • My sister passing away after we purchased the business. I lived (2) hours from the business and I was working in corporate America. I could not maintain my job and manage the business.
  • Pain in my chest caused by stress and anxiety about maintaining the business. I struggled with meeting payroll, paying the mortgage and making the financial ends meet.
  • Jealousy from immediate and extended family members.
  • Nearly not being licensed, which would have caused us to lose the business, due to poor management

If you do not STAND up against him, he’ll leave you broken and cynical. You’ll end up retarded in all forms of growth and a useless weapon in God’s army.

There is an inextricable relationship between the spirits of Power, Love and Self-Control. However, the battle starts and ends with a man’s ability to control himself. The spirits of power and love must be used to establish and maintain self-control.

Finally, the spirit of fear has no power unless you give it to him. If you can control self, you can control the spirit of fear.


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