Journey to Success

Journey to Success


Good things come to those who Believe. Better things come to those who are Patient and the Best things come to those who Don’t give up. — Unknown

To get where I am today, I had to travel through what I call the three “zones” of life. The three zones are — Egypt: The Zone of Never Enough; The Wilderness: The Zone of Just Enough; and The Promised Land: The Zone of More than Enough. It’s a journey that draws many parallels to the children of Israel in the Bible.

It’s been my experience that you’ll go through these stages or zones on the road to entrepreneurship. It’s a requirement, this maturation process—it is not easy. It will require you to change in ways you had not imagined. After all, change stands at the heart of entrepreneurship.

As I have grown in acumen, I have learned that the journey through the three zones is not a singular occurrence.  You will traverse in and out of the three zones along the way – this is where faith, patience and wisdom are developed.

The universe does not award anyone the gifts of lifelong success. They have to be earned over and over again. Joy and fulfillment are moving targets, as are health and wealth. Given that we must constantly work to achieve success; I have learned that it is better to be comfortable in the journey not in the achievement.

“Stand was truly an inspirational book. Gary was very candid about his life’s experiences and how his connection with God was able to help him STAND.”

—Amazon Customer

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