New Mentoring Program in the Works!

New Mentoring Program in the Works!

I am humbled to announce that my personal memoir, STAND, has been chosen by Mr. Edward “Bebe” Hobson, Vice President of Field Ministry for Young Life, to develop and pilot a mentoring program this summer, in its Atlanta field office.

One of our goals for this initiative is to utilize the life lessons shared in my book to develop a spiritually based program that will empower our youth to develop their God-given potential.

As I shared with many people that I spoke to about the process of writing my book, I often struggled with managing my busy schedule, and writer’s block. However, the Holy Spirit gave me a song that ministered to my soul, freed my mind, and allowed me to finish the book on time.

The name of that song is “I Give Myself Away/ Here I am to Worship” by William McDowell. You can enjoy the live track on YouTube: I Give Myself Away/ Here I am to Worship.

I challenge you to listen to the song and read the book, simultaneously. I am confident that your life will be forever changed.

In honor of the Most High God, I give myself away!


Yours in Christ,