Stand by Gary T. Hartfield

Stand by Gary T. Hartfield

The essential thing is to find the vision, the passion, and the purpose that you are willing to stand for – your personal truth. A truth that rings true for you and when trouble comes and you have no other course – you stand for this TRUTH. —Gary T. Hartfield

In life there will be many times when you are faced with tough decisions. At times the decision that you are forced to make will determine your personal truths – your inner value.

Within the human spirit, I propose that the individual possesses two sets of values, face value and inner value.

With face value, it is easy to purport that you have a strong position on a matter because it does not  force you into a position of questioning your character. With face value, the substance of your value is all superficial…the individual will only abide by his/her belief if it is convenient.

However, with inner value, this is where true character is defined. Your inner value is where your heart and your treasures lie.

For example, the story of Constantius, the son of Constantine, illustrates an excellent juxtaposition between face value and inner value.

The story reads as, when Constantius, the son of Constantine, succeeded him to the throne, there were many believers in the emperor’s service. Constantius issued a decree in which he demanded that the people renounce their faith or lose their positions. A great number willingly renounced their faith in order to keep their jobs and maintain their status in the community. However, a few were prepared to lose their jobs for the sake of their faith – their inner value. When the emperor knew exactly which individuals had the courage of their convictions, he gave all those who renounced their faith their termination notice, and appointed those who would STAND for their belief. His rationale was, “Those who did not have the courage to stand and be faithful to their belief will not stand and be faithful to me either.”

When the time comes and you are tested, what will you stand for? What will be your personal truth?