Will You Rise or Sink?

Will You Rise or Sink?

Water will find its own level.– Unknown

This quote metaphorically means, individuals tend to rise or sink to their level of comfort. We, for the most part, wind up among individuals who are similar to ourselves.

It is human nature to seek out and associate oneself with individuals who you believe you have something in common with.

You see this phenomena demonstrated in schools, on college campuses, in politics, in your place of work and even where you attend worship service.

As an entrepreneur and as a leader, I believe that it is critical that we seek out other opportunities and other people who stretch us and move us out of our comfort zone. I believe the best version of ourselves exist outside of our comfort zone.

As an employer, I look for employees who are willing to step out of their comfort zone.  In my experience, individuals who are interested in furthering their education (formal or informal), take on additional tasks and engage with others outside of their normal circle are great potential candidates for managers and leaders. Their confidence and initiative is attractive to me because I try to exhibit these characteristics—as noted above, it’s my natural instinct to find my own level.  

Because you are innately programmed to seek what is familiar, it will not be easy to reprogram your thinking. To help you get pass this hurdle, I suggest that you do the following: 1.) Focus on your “why” – by this I mean, keep in mind what your goal is and keep it in front of you. 2.) Be intentional about stretching your capacity to learn. Find formal and informal ways to increase your education and competencies 3.) Engage and spend time with people that will move you out of your comfort zone. Seek out mentors, friends and networking groups that will stretch your thinking and give you broader perspective.

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